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Hi, I’m Temi #TheMillionaireHousewife. I’m a dose of inspiration everyone needs and I help women who want to start, grow and profit immensely from their home businesses to become Millionaire housewives.

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  • If you’re a woman who is looking for meaning to your life while you make more money from the comfort of your home, you’re welcome.
  • If you would rather be home taking care of your family while still growing a 6-figure business by the side, you’re welcome.
  • If you have an existing business but not sure how to become more visible, make more sales or even get a structure around it, you’re welcome.
  • If you have a strong message for the world but yet to find your voice or wonder if it can even fetch you money from home, this is where you should be.
  • If you have undergone several programs, courses, workshops, and plenty other self-improvement exercises but yet to get any results because you do not know how or have to motivation to execute what you have learnt all along, you have found a home.

When you hear anyone say everything you need is already inside of you, believe them. Trust me on this, you have all it takes to be great. You only need to be properly guided on how to use what you have because like a wise man said: “it’s not what you don’t have that limits you. It’s what you have but don’t know how to use”.

Badru TemitayoninuOluwa A

Damask Clothing

“Before the class, I was only using all my social media just for social and never have goals on any post or picture I put out. Little did I know that I can use it to gain more clients and expand my business.
During the class, I learnt a lot on how to sell online, my eyes were opened to all the things I need to know and have to sell online and flow with this fast rising digital age. After the class, I took the social media serious and turned it to business media. Now, I enjoy more feedbacks from people than before.
I’d gladly recommend the course to anyone who is a serious entrepreneur and ready to be in the group of people who are making money in this new age we are.
Coach Temi is God sent to teach this generation how to use Internet in positive ways to grow and turn little Business/brands to global household name.

Oyindamola Taiwo

Touche Africain

“I am Oyindamola Taiwo, the creative director of Touche Africaine where we make everything imaginable with African fabrics ranging from adornments to bags, shoes, books and iPad covers.
I have benefited immensely from this training because prior to now I needed that break to launch me out to maximally use what I have to my advantage and here came the course setting my course right. I realized that there are several things we know but make light of which could transform many things in our lives. This was an eye opener for me.
Thanks Coach Temi for being true to your cause.”

Benedicta Okwandu

CEO Coco Flair Fashion House

“Getting a coach is one of the best decisions I have had to make, it has redirected my focus, opened my eyes and mind to a lot that is going on but seems hiding because of my association. I have a better and clearer vision and a better understanding of what my life is and should be. She has helped me to rediscover myself and my purpose, to be more deliberate about life. It is a journey I know I have started well. Getting a coach changed my life”.

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